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anatomy of an invitation suite

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Reception Card Etiquette

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photo by melanie duerkopp

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photo by melanie duerkopp


What is a reception card and do you need one? Reception cards are a traditional way to convey information about the festivities occuring after the wedding ceremony. They are most commonly used for religiously-based ceremonies that take place in a place of worship with the reception taking place at a separate location afterward. They can also be used for non-religious ceremonies taking place at a different location from the reception.

Do you need a new card for this? It depends. Reception cards are traditional and the most etiquette correct way to inform your guests that the festivities after the wedding will take place at a new location. If you feel strongly about using the most appropriate etiquette, then yes. If your invitation card is short on space and you wan’t to keep it looking clean and uncluttered, then yes. If niether of these are a concern, then this information can typically be conveyed on the invitation.


There are tons of ways to word reception wording both on a separate card and on the invitation itself, here are a few of our favorites:


  • The celebration continues // with cocktails, dinner and dancing
  • Please join us // for drinks, dinner and merriment
  • Celebrate // please join us for drinks, dinner and dancing


  • And afterward at the reception // location
  • Reception to follow // location
  • Reception immediately following // location
  • Cocktails, dinner and dancing to follow // location

For either option, if your reception won’t immediately follow the ceremony, be sure to include the start time so guests know what to expect!