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Digital Printing

“fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”

- william wordsworth

Digital Printing

Letterpress is and always will be our first love. It is the core of what we do here at Aerialist and will always be our mainstay when it comes to producing beautiful paper.

We also know that letterpress has its limitations, both in terms of practicality and cost, so we are also happy to offer lovely digital printing for all day of paper goods and non-letterpressable items, such as guest addresses on mailed envelopes.


1. There is no limit to the number of ink colors we can use, so there is no added cost for including more than one color.

2. To ensure the very best print quality, we only print on digitally optimized papers, including textured and smooth stocks. While the colors are close matches to our letterpress papers, they are not exact.

3. Digital printing is flat and leaves no impression in the paper.

4. Digital cards can be printed double sided (ex: table numbers). Additional printing costs do apply, based on card size.

5. Digital inks are slightly less vibrant and may differ somehwat in hue and tone from letterpress inks when printed. Keep in mind, your computer screen isn't a perfect representation of color.

6. We only offer digital printing for day of paper goods and non-letterpressable items, like envelopes, not for invitation suites.


We offer two beautiful paper options for digitally printed orders: textured and smooth Royal Sundance stock in 110lb cover and 80lb text weight. Our standard color options are:

Paper Color Options | True White and Soft White

Envelope Addressing

Having your invitation envelopes digitally printed is the best way to make planning just a little easier and free up some time for a late night Pinterest fest. We are happy to take this task off your hands. We print envelope sizes A2 (4.25x5.5) and larger.

Addresses can be customized with your choice of font and ink color to beautifully coordinate with your suite. Please keep in mind when printing colored envelopes, we can only print dark inks on light colored papers.

Ready to get started? Download our excel address template

Download Guest List Template (fill out + email to your stylist)


We offer three types of digitally printed programs:

Single Page | One card 5.5 x 8.5 or smaller, printed on one side.

Simple Booklet | One sheet, printed front and back, folded vertically down the center for four separate panels. No binding.

Bound Booklet | One cover sheet, folded vertically down the center + one inner sheet, folded vertically down the center, bound togehter with ribbon for a maximum number of 8 panels. Ribbon and assembly priced separately based on ribbon selection and quantity.

And the Rest

We also offer digital printing for: Menus, place cards, escort cards, seating charts, welcome letters, tags, table numbers, stickers, and signage.

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